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PDP is a self contained viscoelastic layer that can be incorporated into FRP.

PDP is light weight and the viscoelastic layer has been optimized to raise the typical sandwich panel’s loss factor 5 to 10 times over a wide frequency range, which leads to a reduction in sound radiation and an improvement in transmission loss by 7 – 10 dB.

The sound pressure levels measured in a boat before and after PDP had been added to the engine room bulkhead wall showed an improvement in sound insulation of between 5 and 15 dB in the frequency range 125Hz to 4KHz.

These damping material when used in combination with American Acoustical Products’ sound absorption materials such as Hushcloth® and Hushpanel can give levels of comfort normally only achievable by installations incorporating extremely heavy standard acoustical materials.

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Key Benefits

• Very little added weight

• Laminated directly as the standard bulkhead/ deck is cured

• Increased sound transmission loss for no added mass