Bus DiagramIncreasing demands for low noise levels either enforced by laws and regulations such as the APTA White Book or by customer demands, are causing OEM providers of Mass Transit solutions to constantly be challenged to reduce the external and internal noise of their designs. Additional challenges are present and must be taken into account before a noise and vibration control product solution is integrated as a solution. AAP fully understand these challenges which are often related to safety requirements such as flame and smoke specifications.

We have worked with our customers to provide a range of solutions across applications such as engine compartment enclosure, operator enclosure, flooring and wall insulation. We have also isolated and successfully resolved subsystem solutions in areas such as transmission, exhaust system, hydraulics, and cooling. The relative contribution from different noise sources varies, depending on the specific design of bus, locomotive, or rail car.

Contact us with your most challenging bus and rail applications and we will listen to your problem and provide you with a solution that is reliable and effective.
Bus Photo

Some of the AAP products used to provide solutions to Bus/Rail Applications are:

Sound Absorption Spaced Absorbers

Whisperdamp Noiseless Metal

Whispermat Safe and Sound