General Information

American Acoustical Products manufactures a wide range of vibration damping products, which are all acoustically optimized to reduce the resonant vibrations and enhance the sound transmission loss of the original structures.

Damping can be added to the structure with self adhesive pads and tiles, or incorporated into the product with constrained layer damping materials.

Whisperdamp Damping sheets are extensional damping materials designed to be added to the flat areas of an existing product.

Whisperdamp is available as a flexible vinyl based extruded sheet, as a bitumen impregnated board, as a polymer modified asphalt sheet or as an aluminum foil with PSA to create an extensional or constrained layer damping system with your existing panels.

Vibration damping sheets can be supplied with Hushcloth® acoustical foam laminated to the exposed surface.

Whisperdamp VE-VO
Vinyl based mineral filled formula that meets UL94 V0 flammability requirements

Whisperdamp DBL
Asphalt impregnated paperboard based damping products

Whisperdamp MP & ALP
Aluminum add on constrained layer damping foils

Whisperdamp Noiseless Metal
Damps the resonant modes of the structure borne sound and it replaces the sheet material that would otherwise be used in the construction of the component

Whisperdamp Noiseless Wood
Damps the resonant modes of the structure borne sound and it replaces the material that would otherwise be used

Whisperdamp PDP
Constrained layer damping foil for laminating into fiberglass panels to improve sound transmission loss and absorb structural acoustic energy

dBRock is a viscoelastic material in combination with a Whispermat™ barrier layer for added mass to improve the sound transmission loss particularly at mid to high frequencies that can be used to bond panels together, providing constrained layer damping to sheet rock walls and hardwood floors.

Whispermat™ WM0
Barrier only
High density flexible vinyl sheeting that can be used as a lead free non-reinforced barrier septum