Spaced Absorbers

Millennium Metal takes the spaced absorber principle one step further. The metal panel is micro cracked to create the ideal airflow resistance to optimally absorb the sound impinging on it. The low frequency absorption can be enhanced by increasing the air space behind it.

The low frequency absorption is further enhanced by adding thermal insulation such as Melamine Foam into the air cavity which resists the coupled volume resonances common in the low frequency region.

Millennium Metal is aluminum as standard and is also available in steel and can be manufactured using pre-painted metal in the required finish color.

Given care the aluminum Millennium Metal can be powder coated without adversely affecting the acoustical properties. Please contact us for details. Millennium Metal offers superior acoustical performance both for sound absorption and sound transmission loss with a low installed cost. Using honeycomb core in panel construction creates a superior lightweight rigid acoustical panel which can be used to make unframed acoustical enclosures with excellent absorption and sound transmission properties.

Key Benefits

• Totally combustion resistant

• One product for absorption, barrier and mechanical security

• Available in a variety of materials, thickness and pre painted finishes

Millennium Metal in Engine Compartment

Engine compartment with Millennium Metal Treatment

Barrier Wall of Millennium Metal