Quilts Insulwrap


Ward Process, Inc. manufactures thermal insulation and combines barrier and acoustic absorber quilt panels for the Marine and Transportation Industries. Insulwrap Quilts are a safe and durable form of thermal insulating acoustic treatment.

Key Benefits

• Meet thermal and flammability requirements

• High durability and mechanical strength

• Can be waterproofed and sealed to meet Military requirements

Standard Sizes for Vinyl Faced Noise "Curtains":

Part Number BSC-25-2-25
Vinyl Faced Quilted Fiberglass: No Barrier, 2in Fiberglass Quilt 48in x 25ft

HC-2.00QLT-GV-GV-25. 2in fiberglass quilted between two faces of tough vinyl-coated gray fiberglass-cloth. Other configurations available.

Part Number QFA-10-25
Vinyl Faced Quilted Fiberglass: 1lb Barrier, 1in Fiberglass Quilt, 1in Quilt 48in x 25ft

WM2X-16-1.00QLT-GV-GV-25, X=1.00QLT. 1lb barrier sandwiched between two layers of 1in fiberglass, quilted to front and back facings of tough vinyl-coated gray fiberglass-cloth.