Hushcloth Hushcloth® Acoustical Foams are designed to provide maximum absorption of airborne sound with minimum thickness and weight. These flexible open cell foam products are manufactured to optimize pore size, air flow resistance, and density. Hushcloth® materials are a range of acoustical foams with varied profiles, facing materials and flammability properties.

Spaced Absorbers Millennium Metal

Spaced Absorbers Spaced Absorbers Millennium Metal Panels combine absorption and sound barrier properties including:
• Light weight durable solutions.
• Self-supporting in their application.
• Perform both; excellent absorption AND sound transmission control.
• Tunable to optimize absorption performance to your most dominate tone.
• Require an empty or partitioned space behind the panels; typically 0.5in to 4 inches.
• Millennium panels support surface mounting of lightweight equipment.