Sound Absorption

Hushcloth® Acoustical Foams

Hushcloth® Unfaced Acoustical Foams (HC)

Hushcloth®Aluminized Polyester Faced Foam (AP)

Hushcloth® Densified Embossed Foam (EM)

Hushcloth® Safe and Sound Melamine Foam (M)

Hushcloth® Black Urethane Faced Foams (BU)

Hushcloth® Convoluted Foams (CV)

Hushcloth® Perforated Vinyl Headliner (BP & SP)

Hushcloth® Polyimide Fire-Resistant Foam (P)

Hushcloth® Urethane Faced Foam (BU)

Urethane Faced Foams

Hushcloth® Black Urethane Faced Foams (BU) provide a colorful, durable, abrasion and puncture resistant product. These urethane films are heat laminated to form a decorative textured surface and can be made impervious to most petroleum products, moisture and dirt. Matte facing can be added to our embossed foam to give a more pronounced decorative rosette pattern.

Key Benefits

• Best acoustic absorption with protected facing

• Good visual and tactile appearance

• Potential to combine with Whispermat™ barriers, Whisperdamp vibration damping sheet and Pressure sensitive adhesive for ease of application.