dBRockdBRock is a viscoelastic material in combination with a Whispermat™ barrier layer for added mass to improve the sound transmission loss particularly at mid to high frequencies that can be used to bond panels together, providing constrained layer damping to sheet rock walls and hardwood floors.

dBRock is applied to a layer of sheet rock or subfloor which is already installed in place using the pressure sensitive adhesive on one side. Then a second layer of sheet rock, or the final hardwood flooring, is added with seams staggered to the first layer of sheet rock or flooring.

Incorporating dBRock in normal wall construction improves the transmission loss in two critical regions.

First: at the resonance frequencies of the structure the peak vibration levels are reduced about 10 fold. This will be particularly noticeable in the reduction of impact noise such as the sound of people walking on hard wood floors.

Second: at mid to high frequencies there is a phenomenon referred to as the coincidence frequency. This is when the airborne sound has the same wavelength as the structure borne bending wave in the panel at the same frequency. This wavelength matching reduces the sound transmission blocking effect of the panel severely. The constrained layer damping of dBRock will reduce the bending waves of the structural energy so eliminating the sound transmission at the coincidence frequency region.

dBRock reduces the impact noise from foot traffic on hard wood floors by damping the resonant frequencies in the structure from the impacts. The room to room noise penetration from home entertainment centers or musical instruments is also greatly reduced.

Key Benefits

• Low weight and high damping performance

• Adds transmission loss

• Gives walls and flooring a "solid" sound