Whispermat™ Floormat is a single layer of open or closed cell foam, typically ¼"(6mm) or ½"(12mm) combined with a barrier. The exposed surface of the barrier has a durable wear resistant surface layer which is combined to it during our proprietary manufacturing process.

Whispermat™ Floormat has 25 years of proven performance under the extreme conditions as military and off-highway vehicle floormats.

The wear resistant surface layer is a vinyl material molded in a choice of two available hard wearing patterns that provide a non slip floor surface. The vinyl surface layer is an unloaded vinyl material which does not show scuff marks and is color fast under heavy foot traffic conditions.

Several choices are available for the bottom pad:

• Closed cell foam provides good heat and vibration isolation and is weather resistant
• Acoustic foam is an economical pad for vibration resistance
• Other material composites are frequently employed to meet specific application requirements.


Choice of top barriers:

HEW and PGW• HEW - has a deep twist grain wear surface to stand up to heavily traveled and severe environments.
• PGW - is a more economical floormat with a pebble grain embossed wear surface

Choice of bottom pad materials:

• Closed cell foam - water-resistant and isolates vibration
• Open cell isolates vibration and decouples the noise barrier
• Application specific high-temperature composites

Standard applications are in trucks, transit vehicles, construction equipment, military vehicles and agriculture machinery as well as for runners and fatigue mats.

Key Benefits

• Heavy duty wear surface in acoustically optimized floormat

• Proprietary manufacturing process ensures permanent mechanical bond between decoupling foam and vinyl barrier material which can also be formulated to meet stringent flammability specifications

• Range of patterns and colors available including MIL green, grey and black