Sound Absorption

Hushcloth® Acoustical Foams

Hushcloth® Unfaced Acoustical Foams (HC)

Hushcloth®Aluminized Polyester Faced Foam (AP)

Hushcloth® Densified Embossed Foam (EM)

Hushcloth® Safe and Sound Melamine Foam (M)

Hushcloth® Black Urethane Faced Foams (BU)

Hushcloth® Convoluted Foams (CV)

Hushcloth® Perforated Vinyl Headliner (BP & SP)

Hushcloth® Polyimide Fire-Resistant Foam (P)

Hushcloth® Densified Embossed Foam (EM)

Hushcloth Embossed Foams

Hushcloth® Embossed Foams (EM) or Hushcloth® Embossed Foams with Black Urethane (BCF) manufactured by compression under high heat to form an attractive textured pattern. This increases the surface area, density and stiffness of the foam for maximum sound absorption. By densifying the surface a thin skin is formed to give greater abrasion and air velocity resistance. A decorative urethane facing can be applied for enhanced appearance and durability, and to make the foam impervious to most liquids. Hushcloth® Embossed Foams are typically used in business equipment, appliances, HVAC units and under vehicle hoods.

Key Benefits

• Enhanced low frequency absorption for situations where packaging space is a premium

• Good visual appearance

• Potential to combine with Whispermat™ barriers, Whisperdamp vibration damping sheet and Pressure sensitive adhesive for ease of application.