Emanuele Bianchini
Director of Engineering and Technology

MS in Engineering Mechanics from The Pennsylvania State University Center for Acoustics and Vibration with 8 issued patents in applications including acoustics, vibration, and loudspeaker technology. 25+ years leading engineering projects spanning industries including automotive, consumer electronics, agriculture, and test and measurement applications.

Scadas Recorder

SCADAS Recorder

The new SCADAS Recorder can be used as a PC front-end system for laboratory and in-field testing or as a standalone self contained recorder using a PDA communicating through Bluetooth wirelessly.

Scadas Recorder

It has a GPS sensor which embeds in the recording the location, speed and acceleration and can also embed the vehicle CAN bus data.

Scadas recorder

The SCADAS Recorder is seamlessly integrated with the Test Lab software for noise and vibration testing and analysis, delivering optimal data quality and consistency. Post processing the data we can extract the rpm data of the engine or propeller by following the analyzed peak levels thus allowing the extraction of source contribution levels.

Norsonic Analyzer

Laboratory Analyzer

Norsonic 840 Real Time two channel analyzer with Intensity mapping, MLS based software for measurement of sound transmission loss, reverberation times and calculation of material absorption coefficients.



Technical Support

In addition to supplying a full range of acoustical materials and developing new and innovative solutions to meet our customers' own development into new materials and production processes, American Acoustical Products can also offer acoustical design services to aiding the OEM to arrive at an optimized solution.

Our R&D Laboratory and Reverberation Test Chamber have unique design features that allow components and material samples to be tested for absorption, damping and transmission loss properties. See SAE Paper 2003-01-1679

AAP factory

Composite panels can be inserted in the Sound Transmission Loss window and by using a dual microphone sound intensity probe the STL can be measured. Despite the small size of the room 10.9m³ (384 ft³) the results compare very closely to those gained in a full sized NVLAP approved laboratory.

Damping Lab

VBT Damping Measurement System: A powerful hardware and software package for automated vibrating beam technique (ASTM E-756) data acquisition and associated data processing. The package includes:

• Automated Data Acquisition
• Data Storage and Data Management
• Data Processing – Temperature-Frequency Superposition and Curve-Fitting
• Multi-Layer Surface Damping System Design (Closed-Form Beam And Plate Models)

Scope of Work

Visits to review current products and acoustical opportunities in support of New Business Director is usually part of American Acoustical Products' normal business costs. Extended surveys and comparative measurements with full reporting and recommendations for remedial action can be quoted on a time or project basis. For more details please contact the customer support appropriate for your location.