February, 2012

Sea Ray SLX Photo courtesy of Sea Ray.

Sound & Vibration Technology Wins Boating Award

Sea Ray's "Quiet Ride Technology," which employs American Acoustical Products acoustic absorption, acoustic barrier and vibration damping products, won a Miami Boat Show Innovation Award for its ability to lessen the total noise and vibration level by 20 – 50%, depending on a person’s location on the boat.

Click here to learn more about Sea Ray's Quiet Ride in a Boating magazine article.

July, 2011

Sound & Vibration July 2011 issue

Download Sound & Vibration magazine's "Properties and Applications of Microperforated Panels" by David Herrin, Jinghao Lui, and Andy Seybert (1.4M pdf)

Since 1996, American Acoustical Products has been manufacturing all-metal, precision micro-slit panels (Millennium Metal) to create the ideal acoustic impedance for absorbing broad spectrum noise without any fibers.

• Lightweight and durable
• Low installed cost
• Cleanable & fiber free
• Totally combustion resistant
• Single product for absorption, barrier & mechanical security

Applications include absorptive lining for engine and compressor compartments, vehicles, boats, construction equipment, noise barrier walls, machine enclosures, gen-sets, food prep areas, and in-plant applications.

The "Sound & Vibration" website is

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